You Can Now Volunteer to be Bumped Using the American Airlines App 5/28/2019

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Most travelers dread the thought of getting bumped from a flight. However, getting bumped could be the best thing that could happen to you if you're not in a rush. That's because bumped airline passengers stand to gain some serious perks. The American Airlines app has been updated to provide bumped passengers with immediate compensation. Travelers who aren't in a rush can use the app to volunteer to be bumped on oversold flights.

The American Airlines app doesn't stop at just allowing you to volunteer to be bumped and collect your compensation in real time. The app can also be used to make new arrangements without skipping a beat. Travelers can easily select a replacement flight for a later time that will still allow them to get to the next destination.

The big perk behind the app's new update is that you no longer have to head to the airport and risk finding out that you've been bumped. You can simply take advantage of the opportunity to give up your seat, snatch up your compensation and make arrangements for a new flight without even loading your bags in the car.

Travelers who are flying for business or important events won't really benefit from the new update directly because they don't have much wiggle room when it comes to catching flights. However, the fact that more people will be inspired to volunteer to be bumped means that business travelers will be less likely to get bumped involuntarily. That's good news for all travelers.

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