British Airways Wants to Offer Personalized Customer Service 8/22/2019

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British Airways is on a mission to provide a better experience for its customers. The British carrier has just announced that all 15,000 cabin crew will soon be able to offer British Airways customers a more personalized service with the help of iPhone XRs and advanced technology. This is part of the carrier's £6.5bn investment for its 45 million and counting customers who fly with British Airways each year.

What can British Airways customers look forward to during their journeys? A more personalized and pleasant travel experience with the airline, of course. Cabin crew will have access to all its customers' preferences, such as previous flights and meal preferences. This in itself is a valuable resource for them to personalize each and every interaction with their customers.

Also, British Airways' cabin crew will be empowered to extend additional assistance instantly to their customers with the utilization of the new phones that are pre-loaded with a myriad of mobile apps. For instance, cabin crew will be able to amend customers' personal preferences on the go, assist customers with the booking of special meals, provide airport and flight information to passengers who request for them, confirm requests for airport assistance as well as confirm details of new bookings whenever customers' onward flights have been unfortunately canceled or delayed.

That's not all British Airways is doing when it comes to enhancing the customer experience for its passengers. The carrier launched a new HelpMe section on its website earlier this year that's dedicated to helping its customers with matters related to re-booking, refunding or changing their flights, compensation claiming, locating bags and more. British Airways' London Heathrow-based staff have also been trained to assist customers with an assortment of queries of different nature.

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