Uber Unveils New Safety Features to Protect Passengers

Frequent Business Traveler 9/26/2019

AAA World Article

Uber announced on Thursday five measures meant to boost driver and rider safety.

The ride-hailing company said it plans to roll out a feature that matches riders and drivers using four-digit Personal Identification Numbers. The move comes after a series of incidents that have resulted in public outcry over the potential lack of safety measures that such companies offer.

“To make sure you get in the right car, you’ll now be able to choose to receive a unique four-digit PIN to verbally provide to your driver,” the company said in a message on its website. “The driver will only be able to start your trip in the app once the correct PIN has been entered.”

Other measures include real-time identification checks for drivers, a text message-to-911 feature, the ability to report a problem to Uber while en route, and a notification to the rider if a drop-off point is near a bike lane.

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