How Airlines Rank for Inflight Entertainment 1/3/2020

AAA World Article

Are you wondering which airlines provide the best entertainment? The folks at recently took a look at the entertainment options provided by 10 of the top airlines in the country. Factors like in-seat entertainment consoles, the ability to access entertainment using personal devices, access to power outlets, access to USB ports and the assortment of movies, television channels, games, and music offered were all considered.

Here's a look at how the list breaks down from worst to best:

  1. Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines are tied for last. These three carriers don't provide travelers with access to any Wi-Fi or entertainment options. That means that the books, magazines or music players you bring with you will have to get you through!
  2. Hawaiian Airlines hooks travelers up with new movie releases and current television shows once they download the Hawaiian Airlines app before boarding. There's also a product called the Keiki Pack for families looking for a special selection of movies, shows and games that are just for kids!
  3. Southwest Airlines offers free live television, movies, games and more when you download the Southwest app.
  4. Alaska Airlines pampers guests with more than 400 free movies and television shows. Passengers simply need to download the Gogo app prior to departure. In addition, Alaska provides a mix of basic and satellite Wi-Fi throughout its fleet.
  5. American Airlines offers tons of free entertainment that can be streamed to your personal device as long as you download the American app. American Airlines passengers can also stream Apple Music for free.
  6. United Airlines offers Wi-Fi for purchase, free DIRECTV on select flights and a media library called United Private Screening.
  7. Delta offers tons of free entertainment on the seatback screens on its aircraft. Delta also has a partnership with Hulu to deliver some very desirable entertainment.
  8. JetBlue delivers dozens of channels and options for live television at no cost. What's more, JetBlue passengers get free Wi-Fi and tons of power outlets.

It's no surprise that the nation's ultra-budget carriers don't really deliver on entertainment. Travelers taking shorter flights may not even mind or notice that the entertainment simply isn't there. Of course, the fact that a budget carrier like JetBlue comes out on top for entertainment certainly brings hope to anyone looking to enjoy a flight without paying a ton.

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