TSA Tells Passengers Not to Place Personal Items in Bins

TravelPulse 3/11/2020

AAA World Article

TSA is stepping up efforts to help passengers and agents stay safe at airports during the coronavirus outbreak.

The organization is advising passengers not to put personal items such as phones, wallets and keys in the bins.

TSA Agents are now telling travelers to put these items in their personal carry-ons, says a report on Business Insider.

"Bins in use in the security checkpoint are like any other piece of public property and should be treated as such. With hundreds of travelers coming through an airport security checkpoint each hour, the bins are a common use item.”

The TSA is also advising passengers to wash their hands before and after going through security checkpoints since the screening process often involves removing shoes and touching public bins. TSA agents are also advised to wash their hands regularly.

Those who want to bring hand sanitizer with them are encouraged to do so. Travelers can bring individually-packaged alcohol or anti-bacterial wipes in their carry-on. They can also bring large containers of hand wipes as well as appropriately sized liquid sanitizers.

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