The Best Ways to Gain Airport Lounge Access, Depending on How You Travel

AAA World Article

As we return to travel, airport lounges are great way to escape the busyness of the airport and make travelers feel a tad safer as they continue to navigate travel during the pandemic.

While these lounges vary in terms of amenities and comfort, airport lounges have stepped up their cleaning protocols and also reduced capacity so travelers can relax a bit in style.

If you don’t currently have access to these lounges, you have a few options for gaining entry. This includes:

  • Premium (think Platinum) credit cards
  • Priority Pass membership
  • Day Passes
  • Annual Airline Lounge Passes

Each of these options have their own pros and cons, so travelers will need to decide which option is the best fit for their traveling lifestyle. Click here to learn more about each of these options. 

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