New technology can change how we serve our clients, but it won’t change what we provide – unparalleled peace of mind through dependable, trusted service. AAA Corporate Travel clients can feel comfortable knowing their travelers are on the road and in the sky with confidence. We stand behind them every mile of the way, always available to solve problems with 24/7 support, so you can focus on the meeting while we focus on getting you there.

Partnering with AAA Corporate Travel enables your business to move where it needs to, when it needs to, with confidence and efficiency. That's why we're proud to offer AAA Point2Point, our comprehensive travel technology suite - offering a world of information at the push of a button or tap of a finger.

Point2Book: Powered by Concur, make air, car or hotel reservations from a computer or mobile device. It’s extremely convenient, and is proven to drive travel policy compliance. As a Preferred Concur Partner, we can help you implement the software with expertise in development, programming and client support – not just during the roll-out process, but throughout the partnership. We are a certified Concur TMC.
Point2Meet: Put together simple meetings, including group air bookings, hotels and registrations for groups with a few easy clicks, and a full suite of reporting.
Point2Alert: Don’t stand in line at the airport – receive instant text message updates on cancellations, delays and cancellations sent right to your smartphone.
Point2Safety: When your travelers are on the road, they are under the care of AAA. Receive risk management alerts that notify of crisis events that impact travel, with a list of travelers that may be in harm’s way.
Point2Intel: We’re not done when the trip is done. We’ll provide customizable business intelligence and analytics that are a click away through our exclusive dashboard that can optimize your managed travel program.

We continue to invest in a dedicated Travel Information Systems team with in-depth experience and focused on the needs of all of our clients to ensure they receive accurate and timely data from AAA Point2Point.