Concur Guest Booking Changes

Guest Travel and Multi-Passenger Bookings – Removing Previous Guest Lookup

With increased attention to security and data privacy, we determined a change in the Guest Travel (non-profiled user) feature as well as when booking multiple passengers was warranted. We will no longer support a previous guest lookup and store data about the non-employee or previous companion (or in the case of multi-passenger, the option to look up an employee). When making a guest or multiple-passenger reservation, the data must be added manually.

SAP Concur is targeting the May release for this change.

This update ensures that all guest data is purged upon completion and is not stored in the database. If it is important for your company to have recurring travel for non-employees, consider using the Sponsored Guest feature. For more information on Sponsored Guest, refer to the Sponsored Guest Travel Service Guide.
SAP Concur Travel 4/12/2018