United Expands Entertainment Options For Passengers

Travelers flying with United Airlines in the future should prepare to be entertained. The Chicago-based carrier is expanding and upgrading its entertainment options. That means that the latest and greatest entertainment options will now be at the fingertips of travelers once they settle in their seats. The airline is moving quickly toward making it easier than ever for passengers to use their personal devices to access a vast assortment of content.

United will be expanding its popular streaming options to include more than 200 flights. This will come in addition to the seatback screens and DirecTV service that passengers can already enjoy. United is also upgrading Wi-Fi service to ensure better connectivity during flights. All United jets that feature more than 70 seats will provide at least some level of free content for passengers. The airline is currently working on efforts to install power outlets in all seats to make it easy for passengers to keep their devices charged during journeys.

What exactly can passengers look forward to when they tap into United's entertainment options using their personal devices? Movies, television shows, VEVO playlists and more will be waiting for passengers. Passengers can access entertainment options by downloading the United app. Available content can be browsed using United's online entertainment portal. United's decision to shift to personal devices when offering entertainment options isn't just convenient for tech-savvy travelers. The option actually helps the airline to save money because the absence of screens on a plane helps to lighten the overall weight and reduce fuel costs.
Get.com 4/17/2018