DVI is known to many as a data-visualization platform, but as president Brian Beard told Innovate attendees: We're so much more than that. DVI offers data aggregation, data cleansing, data reconciliation and data normalization in order to solve "the 40-year-old problem of data quality in this industry."

Using data science, machine learning and visualization sciences, the company offers a robust, intuitive and actionable intelligence platform that enables users to parse data from a wide swath of sources, including supplier, card and external data. Through a series of tabs and filters, users can look into overall program spend, then dig deeper to, for instance, examine overall meetings spend, then dig even deeper to see insights around meetings patterns, meetings leakage and even AV costs for internal meetings versus external meetings. In another scenario, a travel buyer could compare the spend on rental cars versus on-demand services in a certain market and identify how shifting spend to one or the other might save the program money. DVI uses an open API and connects with "anybody and everybody" to send and receive data.

DVI's offering may have been a crowd favorite, but the judges also liked the story DVI was building around the data and the flexibility it offers, not just in visualization but in satisfying the diverse needs of corporates. The lingering question for the discerning panel, however, was: With all the richness DVI delivers in its visualization tools, could it also deliver on simplicity? How easy would it be for a manager to create a top-line report for a CEO, for instance, without the bells and whistles of filtering and deep dives?

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Business Travel News 11/21/2017