JetBlue Raised Cost for Same-Day Flight Changes and Eliminated Free Standby

JetBlue has always been one of the better airlines for not having outrageous fees attached to its services. One of the most popular of these services was its free re-fare service. This service allowed you to rebook a flight at a lower rate without penalty prior to travel if a fall in price occurred after a ticket has been issued, and you were given the change in fare price in the form of a credit voucher for a future flight. JetBlue recently changed that to only within 14 days of booking. Now, the airline has dropped this to just five days after booking.

But the largest change came with a cost. In the past, you could change a same-day flight for $50, regardless of what class of seats you were flying. Now, it will cost you $75.

The second change that JetBlue has initiated is the cost for standby seating. Up until this week, JetBlue has always allowed someone to be on standby for an earlier or later flight on the same day, at absolutely no cost. Now, there is a $75 fee purely for listing standby on a sold-out flight. If you don't get a seat on the sold-out flight, the $75 fee will be refunded to you.

These new price structures go into effect immediately. 12/12/2017