The New United Polaris Lounge in Houston Officially Open

There's a new lounge to know about if you've been keeping track. The good news is that the United Polaris lounge that just opened at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston does not disappoint when it comes to space and special features. The lounge is open to travelers flying in United Polaris Business Class. The new premium lounge in Houston gives travelers the ability to spend a little time relaxing and enjoying great food before boarding their flights.

A Look Inside the New Polaris Lounge in Houston
The new United Polaris lounge in Houston feels like a boutique hotel once guests step inside. That detail is by design. The minds behind the design of the lounge intended to create a space that offers something that feels like a hotel experience. The space is divided between areas for relaxation and dining. Guests will admire the contemporary art that is sprinkled throughout the attractive lounge as they explore the space.

Houston's United Polaris lounge features 191 seats for guests to make use of during their visit. Plugging in and getting some work done won't be a hassle when visiting this lounge. It is equipped with a total of 324 power outlets and 264 USB ports. Relaxation is also easy to find here. The lounge features private daybeds that are draped in elegant bedding from Saks Fifth Avenue. Travelers who have already flown in Polaris cabins will probably recall that blankets from Saks Fifth Avenue are provided during flights. Guests of the lounge can also take time to feel refreshed between flights by taking advantage of the six shower suites that are available. These shower suites feature rainfall showers and high-end spa products.

Dining at Houston's New United Polaris Lounge
The first thing that everyone wants to know when a new lounge opens somewhere in the world is what the food offerings are like. United's newest lounge certainly sets the bar high when it comes to culinary offerings. Texas favorites and Southern goodies are available in the lounge's dining area. Some of the highlights that guests can look forward to tasting include a Texas breakfast skillet and Cajun sausage. Of course, anyone seeking some traditional, no-nonsense fare can opt to order the United Polaris Burger from the menu. This signature burger is actually on the menu at every Polaris lounge. Guests can chow down on their food inside a private dining area that can comfortably accommodate 28 people at once.

What about guests who want to wash down all of the good food inside the lounge with some drinks? The United Polaris lounge in Houston offers an impressive cocktail menu that features specialties like Brazilian cocktails, bourbon infused with oolong tea, house-made star anise-infused vodka and drinks garnished with jalapeno.

Where Can Travelers Find the New Polaris Lounge in Houston?
The new United Polaris Lounge in Houston is located next to Gate E12 in the airport's Terminal E. This new lounge joins the highly regarded United Polaris lounges at San Francisco International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport. Travelers are still anticipating the opening of the new United Polaris lounge at Los Angeles International Airport that is scheduled to happen at some point before the end of 2018. 7/3/2018