United Now Charging $60 Baggage Fee on European Flights

Nothing causes airline passengers to grimace quite like baggage fees. These fees can take what looks like an incredible bargain on airfare and turn it into just another high-priced ticket in the blink of an eye.

That's what makes the fact that United Airlines just introduced a new baggage fee such a big deal. It was announced just a few days ago that United would begin charging a new baggage fee of $60 on some flights. However, there is no need to be alarmed if you are only flying to some destinations this summer. The new fee will strictly affect passengers flying to Europe using United's newest fare offering.

Customers purchasing United's new stripped-down Basic Economy fares will be the ones forking over $60 per bag when heading to Europe. That fee only covers one way. That means that travelers making roundtrip journeys using United's lowest-tier fares will actually end up paying $120 per bag during a trip.

Is there a way around the new $60 bag fee being charged by United Airlines?

Passengers who opt to purchase rock-bottom fares don't have a lot of choice when it comes to avoiding this fee. The only way to really skip paying $60 for each leg of a journey is to pack light. United's Basic Economy fares entitle passengers to one standard carry-on bag. That means that a person who knows how to pack efficiently could potentially skip luggage and save a total of $120 for a roundtrip flight. However, that situation wouldn't be ideal for every type of traveler.

United Airlines isn't alone when it comes to charging extra for bags on international flights. Many airlines are balancing the desire to offer budget fares with the need to turn a profit by charging for bags. Both Delta Air Lines and American Airlines already charge baggage fees for transatlantic flights.
Get.com 6/12/2018