Travel Policies Overwhelmingly Accept Ride Sharing

Ride sharing is now overwhelmingly allowed in business travel and gamification is not catching on, according to new research from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), in partnership with AirPlus International, a payment solutions company. The report, called Five Business Travel Payment Trends, showed 89 percent of travel programs allowing ride sharing, 10 percent without a ride sharing policy and only 1 percent prohibiting it. Conversely, only 26 percent of travel programs allow home sharing and 56 percent prohibit it. The report also showed that, while new technologies give companies the ability to reward business travelers for cost-effective behavior; these are not widespread or widely used. Only 6 percent of companies have the ability to reward travelers for saving costs on business trips. One-quarter would consider rewarding travelers if there was minimal or no administration involved but 42 percent would not even consider it.
Business Travel Executive 6/15/2018