Business Travelers Feel ‘Nervous’ About Ridesharing

A recent survey shows business travelers around the world feel marginally safer in traditional taxis than they do in ridesharing services such as Uber or Lyft.

The research, commissioned by Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), found half of respondents are worried about their safety in subway and train stations, followed by walking (42 per cent), ridesharing services and buses (39 per cent each), taxis (36 per cent) and trains (35 per cent).

This is compared to airports (34 per cent), aeroplanes (31 per cent), restaurants (30 per cent) and hotels (27 per cent).

Despite a rise in the use of ridesharing services, business travelers report feeling safer in taxis. Female respondents were more likely to report feeling uneasy about using a ridesharing service than their male counterparts, with women in the Asia Pacific region the most nervous (56 per cent compared to 38 per cent of men).

Interestingly, younger travelers were the most concerned about their personal safety when using ridesharing services – contrary to the common belief that Millennials are driving the increase in bookings using these services. Baby boomers were the least worried.

CWT says the generational difference could also be influenced by gender, as men are more likely to travel more often as they get older, whereas the opposite is true of women.

Christophe Renard, vice president of CWT Solutions Group, the consultancy arm of the TMC, commented: “Travel managers should focus their safety and security programs on what travelers worry about. Small things like providing clear instructions on getting out of the airport, trustworthy suppliers, basic tips on how to address dangerous situations – these can all make a big difference.”
Buying Business Travel 6/28/2018