American Airlines Introducing Free Drinks for Main Cabin Extra Passengers This Summer

American Airlines is offering some very exciting new perks for passengers this summer. The airline is rolling out some new features that will help passengers get more bang for their buck every time they fly. The perks range in category from new treats to extra space. Take a look at the options you can look forward to when flying to your vacation destination with American Airlines this summer.

Free Drinks Are Coming for Some American Airlines Passengers
One of the big perks that everyone is buzzing about is the introduction of free drinks on American Airlines flights. American Airlines passengers flying with Main Cabin Extra tickets will receive free alcoholic beverages starting on June 5. Passengers will be able to choose from a menu of beer, wine and spirits when making their free selections.

What's sure to impressive passengers the most is that this isn't a one-drink-per-passenger situation. American Airlines has revealed that passengers will actually be able to enjoy several free drinks each. However, what is distributed to each passenger will be limited at what is being called a reasonable number of drinks. What's more, American's flight attendants have the power to use their own discretion when choosing not to serve passengers who appear to be inebriated.

The American Airlines Main Cabin Extra option is actually a product that provides passengers with additional legroom at the front portion of the Economy cabin. It is possible to upgrade to American's Main Cabin Extra option for as little as $20 in some situations. The upgrade could potentially pay for itself for passengers who intend to drink during a flight when you consider that a glass of wine in Economy Class costs $9. Anyone who typically orders two or more drinks during flights may want to consider the upgrade the next time they fly with American Airlines.

More Legroom Is Coming for Some American Airlines Passengers
It's not just complimentary spirits that will be lifting the spirits of passengers on American Airlines flights this summer. Anyone who travels with airlines frequently knows that storage space is one of the most valuable assets an airline can offer.

American Airlines is sweetening the deal for passengers who book Main Cabin Extra tickets by giving them priority access to overhead bins free of charge. That means that people who pay a little extra for extra legroom will now also get extra storage space for their carry-on items. American isn't stopping there. Passengers with Main Cabin Extra tickets will also be given the option to board earlier than passengers with standard Economy tickets.

A Look at the Extras That Were Always There
The new perks being offered to passengers flying with Main Cabin Extra tickets come in addition to a nice set of existing perks. Passengers already have the ability to bring along one personal item and one bag for free. Snacks and soft drinks are already provided free of charge. In addition, passengers can look forward to enjoying a variety of free movies and television shows. 6/5/2018