You Can Now Get Assigned Seating Amtrak Acela

Amtrak travelers who travel First Class on the Acela trains will now enjoy the benefit of assigned seating. Amtrak stated that this change has come after many requests by passengers to allow them to have assigned seats so that families and groups can have guaranteed seating together.

Amtrak has responded to these requests to reduce stress associated with boarding their trains and will now allow seat selection and reservation ahead of time. The company has stated that passengers will have the ability to select a single seat, a double seat or a two or four person conference table arrangement.

Passengers can reserve their seats with their travel agent or on the Amtrak app or website. Seats can be changed only prior to boarding, and there will be no associated fee. Prior to this announcement, all passengers, regardless of seating class, chose their seats on a first-come-first-served basis.

This latest announcement by Amtrak comes shortly after the passenger railroad service revealed that it would invest more than $4 million into upgrading the interiors of the Acela Express service that runs in the Northeastern United States.

Amtrak First Class seats have always come with extra benefits. Passengers in First Class receive complimentary food and drinks and have access to train station lounges where applicable. Now, passengers using the seating class also have access to guaranteed seats.

Also, Amtrak made an additional statement that has left many non-First Class travelers hopeful. The company stated that if the seating assignments are well received in First Class, that they may consider rolling it out across more services. 6/5/2018