This Is How Much American Airlines Knows About You

Travelers may be surprised to discover just how much American Airlines knows about them. The airline has been taking advantage of technology that makes it possible to keep track of the habits of frequent customers and reward travelers who spend the biggest bucks. American Airlines is going big with big data. This is good news for people who will finally get rewarded for all of the miles they travel in luxury cabins. However, it might not prove to be as rewarding for travelers who like to take a frugal approach to flying. How does American Airlines view you? Find out who wins and who loses when airlines perfect the art of getting to know their customers.

A Look at What American Airlines Is Doing to Get Inside the Heads of Customers
How is American Airlines going about learning about its customers? The airline is using data collected from its loyalty program to create custom, dynamic experiences for members. The future of the AAdvantage program will be focused on rewarding its most lucrative members. That means that the people who spend the most will receive the best perks and offers.

However, the efforts won't end there. American Airlines is taking things a step beyond just offering perks. It is now using technology to anticipate the needs of its customers. The system that American Airlines uses is so finely tuned that it will actually be able to predict when valuable customers are at risk of abandoning the airline for competing carriers. American Airlines can then take steps to entice those high-risk customers to remain loyal by offering them exclusive perks and discounts.

The airline has used data to create a win-back program that targets customers who have disappeared. These customers may actually receive phone calls or emails directly from the airline. The airline will ask them what can be done to bring them back. This could be good news for anyone who is looking to voice their opinion and potentially receive some extra perks after abandoning the airline due to a negative experience.

An Airline Catering to Two Types of Customers
The big thing to take away from American's usage of big data is that the airline essentially places travelers into two categories. There is the category that includes people who travel a lot. There is another category for people who only travel once in a while. The category of frequent travelers is the goldmine that American Airlines wants to connect to by catering to their wants and anticipating their needs.

Why Every Encounter Counts
Everyone who has ever flown with American Airlines has contributed to the airline's rich pool of data. However, members of the AAdvantage loyalty program supply the airline with most of its data. That means that valuable information is captured and stored every time a member earns a mile, redeems a mile or books a trip. Those actions create little snapshots that show the airline a member's preferences and habits. Data can also help them to estimate what your impression of the airline is. Even details regarding the times that you were able to leave on time versus the times you were stuck due to a delay can help the airline to paint a picture of who you are and what you're likely to do next. Encounters are tracked through online interactions, mobile interactions and kiosk interactions. 3/13/2018