Atlanta Airport Could Reduce Parking Space in Response to Uber and Lyft Gaining Popularity

Driving to the airport and parking is becoming less and less common among travelers. Atlanta's airport is keeping that in mind as it completes renovations. The airport is in the process of making $6 billion worth of upgrades. However, the new look of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport could potentially include fewer parking spaces than originally intended. There is now news that airport officials are strongly considering scaling back plans for new parking decks. The previous design for the renovation had included an eight-story parking deck located at the airport's South Terminal. However, those plans are currently under review.

Why are fewer people demanding parking spots at the airport? While more people are flying than ever before, parking is hitting a low. More travelers are now embracing the idea of using ride-hailing services like Lyft and Uber instead of paying for parking when traveling. These options give travelers a way to enjoy low-cost rides to the airport without the need to beg friends and family members for rides. What's more, using a ride-sharing app is viewed as much easier than arranging for a taxi ride from a residential neighborhood to a major airport.

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport will mark a big change in the way buildings are designed if it does decide to do away with plans to add new parking decks. It would mean that architects and planners are officially making decisions based on trends that have been established by apps and technology.

Further study will need to be done before airport officials decide whether or not the additional parking will ultimately be added. 3/21/2018