American Airlines to Offer Basic Economy Seats for Transatlantic Flights

American Airlines has announced that it will now offer its Basic Economy fare option for transatlantic travel starting in April. At this time, the airline only offers Basic Economy on domestic flights. American Airlines, however, is reminding its customers that these are no-frill seats.

The airline has stated that Basic Economy seats will have several restrictions. Passengers will not receive the one free checked bag that other passengers often receive. The airline will, however, allow one bag to go into the overhead bin for free on these transatlantic flights. Those who fly Basic Economy will stand no chance in getting an upgrade nor will they get to pick their seats in advance.

American Airlines is the largest airline in the world, but is only now getting around to creating the Basic Economy tier for some of its international flights. Most other major airlines, including its leading competitor Delta, have already created these seats in an effort to compete with many newer ultra-low cost carriers that have begun offering transatlantic flights at rock bottom prices.

Airlines have also discovered that some travelers, once they see that this type of seating offers no real amenities, automatically upgrade their seating choice to the next level up so that their flight experience comes with more benefits.

American Airlines reinforces that their Basic Economy seats for international flights will not receive the same perks as domestic flights for those who use American Airlines-branded credit cards. At this time, many people opt for Basic Economy seating because they purchase the seats with their American Airlines-branded credit cards. These credit cards give them one free checked bag and priority boarding. 2/5/2018