American Airlines Will Cut Ties With Two Regional Carriers

In an effort to streamline the passenger experience, American Airlines has announced that it will reduce the number of regional carriers they use by another two carriers. This will reduce the regional fleet to seven different carriers instead of the 10 that they started with this year. The first tie was cut with Air Wisconsin Airlines in February.

The two new carriers that have been cut from the list include Dallas-based ExpressJet Airlines and Washington D.C.-based Trans States Airlines. Routes previously handled by ExpressJet will go to its parent company, SkyWest Inc., and flights handled by Trans States will move over to Envoy Airlines. American Airlines is the largest carrier in the world. The airline has been trying to streamline all its flights in an effort to create a more desirable experience for passengers. The airline believes that by reducing the number of regional carriers it uses it can better manage the overall flight experience.

For passengers who fly on regional connections from American Airlines, the change in carriers will most likely go unnoticed. American has not eliminated any routes or connections with this change; they have simply changed carriers. Reservationists have been notified of the upcoming changes and the exact dates in which they will take place.

According to American Airlines, the entire changeover to having only seven regional carriers should be complete by the end of 2019. The airline has not stated if there will be any additional cuts of regional carriers. However, any additional cuts may inhibit the airlines ability to meet the flight demands of its passengers. 5/7/2018