TSA Asks Foreign Airports to Tighten Electronic Screenings

TSA requested that international airports adopt stricter carry-on security procedures, like those the TSA began testing last summer and recently rolled out nationwide. Passengers are now required to remove all electronics larger than mobile phones, including tablets, e-readers and video game consoles, from carry-on baggage for screening.

International airports are also being asked to remove food, powders and other materials from carry-ons that may obstruct images on the X-ray machines.

“The United States is seeking to collaborate with foreign governments to declutter carry-on bags and strengthen security effectiveness at your central checkpoints,” the TSA said in the memo that was obtained by Reuters.

TSA spokesperson Matthew Leas told the news organization: “We’ll work closely with our international partners on this to ensure last points of departure airports align with our domestic procedures as a part of our efforts to raise the global aviation security baseline.”
Travelmarket Report 5/10/2018