United Airlines Plans to Streamline Food and Beverage Options on Domestic Flights

United Airlines is making big changes to its food and drink options. Passengers may not like the fact that the planned changes are all geared toward streamlining the airline's offerings. This may come as a surprise to loyal United customers because of the fact that the airline has made a big show of providing premium food and drink offerings on flights in recent years. The changes coming to United's menu have already been met with groans on social media. The airline has stated that it will closely monitor feedback as it implements changes.

The streamlined food and drink options that United is planning to introduce will apply to all flights that are four hours and under. However, it's important to remember that nearly all of the domestic flights operated by the carrier fall under that category. The exceptions will be flights that fly between the country's coasts.

What are the changes coming to United's food and beverage options? Hot breakfasts will be replaced by muffins and fruit plates on some flights. In addition, hearty lunches will be replaced with sandwich wraps. The airline is also phasing out some of the beverages choices that are currently available. The list of beverages on the chopping block includes Sprite Zero, Jim Beam Devil's Cut, Amaretto, and Courvoisier.

Is there any silver lining to United's new menu plan? The public raged on social media over United's decision to scrap Mott's tomato juice off its menu but fret not, the tomato juice is here to stay. Also, the airline is introducing an option that might make the situation a little sweeter for some passengers. Ghirardelli-branded ice cream toppings are being introduced on some United flights, though these are reserved for United Business flyers traveling coast to coast.
Get.com 5/11/2018