British Airways Is the Latest Major Airline to Join the TSA PreCheck Program

Fans of TSA PreCheck can rejoice over the fact that another major airline has been added to the program. British Airways is the latest airline to join the popular PreCheck program. That means that this expedited way to get through security is now available to passengers flying with 53 carriers. More than 6.4 million travelers in the United States are currently enrolled in the program.

The big perk of joining the TSA PreCheck program is that you won't have to remove your shoes, jackets or belts at security screenings when entering the US. In addition, PreCheck members can keep their laptops inside cases and do not have to remove liquids from their bags. There is also the fact that 92 percent of TSA Pre✓® members enjoyed wait times of five minutes or less in April 2018.

TSA PreCheck members flying with British Airways will have TSA PreCheck indicators on their boarding passes from now on. However, mobile boarding passes for British Airways customers won't show PreCheck status just yet. British Airways has said that the mobile feature should be added by some point this summer.

There's also some bad news for British Airways customers planning to fly out of Terminal 7 at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. PreCheck members flying out of that airport won't be able to take advantage of the fact that British Airways is now a member of the PreCheck program for a little while. That's because Terminal 7 does not currently have a PreCheck security line in place. However, one will open later this summer when British Airways completes renovations at the airport. 5/18/2018