Lufthansa Will Offer Basic Economy Fares on US Routes

Lufthansa has announced that it will begin offering Economy 'Light' seating on their transatlantic flights this summer 2018. The rock-bottom pricing seats are a direct response to the success that ultra-low cost carriers like WOW Air and Norwegian Air are having with their transatlantic flights.

Lufthansa is not the only legacy carrier to start offering these no-frills seats. American based carriers American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines offer this type of seats as does British Airways. Lufthansa first started offering this type of seating a couple of years ago on many intra-European routes as a way to compete with rival airlines.

The Economy 'Light' seating is as stripped down as possible for the passenger. There is no checked baggage allowed unless an additional fee is paid. Only one carry-on bag weighing up to 8 kg is allowed and it must remain within guidelines. Lufthansa is being generous with this feature since many of the other airlines are reducing the size of carry-on baggage allowed for Basic Economy seating.

Additionally, passengers in Economy 'Light' will not have guaranteed seat choices prior to check-in, cannot receive refunds or make changes to their flights and do not earn any bonus and status miles for their travel. Lufthansa will, however, still provide food and drink service to these passengers.

This type of seating is obviously not for everyone. It is expected that you have to start paying extra fees for any perk that you want for the flight. These seats are designed for the cost-conscious travelers who can travel very lightly, do not require ticket flexibility, and are not interested in any type of amenities on the plane. 5/24/2018