Point2Connect Mobile App

AAA Corporate Travel's new mobile app, Point2Connect, is a trip management app that streamlines the travel process for every traveler and every itinerary. That means greater visibility, actionable insights on the go, and support from anywhere at any time.

With Point2Connect, travelers can use the in-app messaging feature for immediate support from a AAA Travel Consultant. And since it integrates with our online booking tools, travelers' can quickly and easily book trips by opening the online booking tool app through Point2Connect. Travelers can also check-in with ease, access upcoming trip details, and view destination guides and airport maps. Every detail is available at the touch of a button.

Get the peace of mind you deserve for your next business trip.

Point2Connect gives you quick, convenient access to AAA customer service, online booking tools, itineraries, and travel advisories.


  • In-app customer service messaging
  • Search travel restrictions database
  • Integrates with our online booking tools
  • View itinerary details
  • Flight check-in, and additional airline information
  • Real-time flight alerts and weather information
  • Airport COVID-19 measures
  • Visa and passport information
  • Interactive airport maps
  • Ride-share transportation options
  • Trip and location sharing
  • Destination maps, directions and guides

*Download Point2Connect for Apple products. ACCESS ON APP STORE
*Download Point2Connect for Android products. ACCESS ON GOOGLE PLAY

*Note: travelers may download the app but will not be able to login until they have received an invitation after booking a trip. Contact your Travel Manager or Arranger for details.