This is Who We Are.

We are dedicated to making all things right.

We understand the deep sense of respect and responsibility you hold for your travelers, because we feel it, too. It’s what drives us to be invested in your company’s culture and goals. We thrive on challenges. We invest in our relationships. And we won’t rest until we’ve found the best possible solution for all. Not just when things go wrong, but to make all things right.


Our People

What makes a business successful is not just the quality of its products and services, it’s the quality of its people. And that’s a belief we see in action every day in the companies we partner with at AAA Corporate Travel.


Our Culture

So many companies choose to work with AAA Corporate Travel because they know that every decision they make, every partner they choose reflects their culture, reputation and commitment to their people and their business.


Our Approach

We understand the importance of balancing the best interests of both our client’s business and the safety and well-being of their people. From providing the tools and technologies our clients need to simplify travel to analyzing and optimizing every step in the process, we find innovative ways to lower their overall travel expenses.


True Partners

We are better partners. True partners who recognize the symbiotic importance, the inherent nature in which both people and business fit and function together.


Most Trusted Brand

We are the most trusted name in travel for a reason. Through our 50+ years of corporate travel management, we have learned that every business is unique. We also know the immense value and peace of mind that comes from acting as true partners for our clients.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Stacie Schmahl, Vice President
Stacie Schmahl
Vice President
Kim Collins, Director of Account Management
Kim Collins
Director of Account Management
Kim Sherlock, Director of Sales
Kim Sherlock
Director of Sales
Beth Heisel, Director of Operations
Beth Heisel
Director of Operations

Dixi Craft
Supervisor, Meetings & Events
Lori Hawkins, Manager, Online Booking Desk
Lori Hawkins
Manager, Online Booking Desk
Dan Baumann, Corporate Travel Technology Manager
Dan Baumann
Corporate Travel Technology Manager

Meet Our Travel Consultants

As members of the AAA Corporate Travel team, our consultants work hard every day to serve our clients. They feel a deep responsibility for preserving and growing those relationships. They own their relationships and challenges.

At AAA Corporate Travel, we are a team of action-takers, always working to find the best possible solutions. We thrive on challenges; we rise to the occasion and prove our worth and value every day with the clients we serve.

Christine Doeker
Travel Consultant

Danette Pevec
International Travel Consultant

Yvonne Thomas
Travel Consultant

Maxwell Dieck
Travel Consultant

Jane Neely
Travel Consultant

Jan Steele
Travel Consultant

Jeannie Dellinger
International Travel Consultant

Brian Moore
Travel Consultant

Karen Winegar
Travel Consultant

Terri Snyder
Travel Consultant

Carrie Burrow
Travel Consultant

Susan Ruble
Travel Consultant

Traci Pulskamp
Travel Consultant